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KFELS Super A Class, drilling depth of 35K and water deotgh of 400 feet for sale

Oil Rig - 3 Legged Jack-Up
Date Built: 
Keppel class Super A @ rated drilling depth for 35K and water depth of 400 feet available now for sale
Rig is 3 years old.  
Above JU is a harsh environment rig, and asking price $80 Million.
If this rig is to be sold to operate in warm climate, will have to strip her off of all the winterization gear.
Before proceeding, we need to make sure we are working with a qualified buyer/reputable broker.
Who is the buyer’s broker? Company name? Transaction history?
What is the timing of the purchase? Is the buyer ready to proceed now? If not, how soon?
Is the buyer credible? National Oil Company? Established operator? Are they well capitalized?
Once we know we have something solid to work with you and I can set the stage for the introduction, and most importantly for us, protect our position. NCNDA in place etc.